Peeking Beneath the Hood of Uber

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Surge Area Maps

At the time of our study, Uber divided cities into areas, and calculated a separate surge price per area. The price that a customer paid depended on which area they were standing in when they reserved a ride. As part of our study, we inferred Uber's surge area maps in the following cities: the greater Bay Area around San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, the greater New York City area, Miami, Paris, and Washington DC. Our maps are available here. Feel free to use these and republish them as you see fit, but please provide proper attribution by citing our paper.


Unfortunately, due to Uber's Terms of Service, we cannot make the data from the study publicly available. Researchers working at well-known institutions may request access to a portion of the data by contacting Christo Wilson at We reserve the right to deny access to the data, and we can only share data under the condition that it will not be reshared with other individuals or research teams. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


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